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  • 船舶安全管理服務:
    Compliance audits and regular ISM Code audits (稽核服務);
    Ensuring PMS (Planned Maintenance System) is effective (保養管理);
    Monitoring and improving SQS and environmental management system on the vessels (安全維護);
    Emergency preparedness and external drills utilizing the company's contingency plan (應急管理);
    Reporting on past events and performance monitoring, analysis to identify areas for continuous improvement (評估分析);
    Risk management (風險管理).
  • 船舶操作管理服務:
    Agents (船舶代理);
    Change of Flag (船舶換旗);
    Liaise with port authorities & stevedores, and port operations (港埠作業);
    Freight management, cargo supervision for specialized vessels and cargo (貨運管理);
    Logistics for bunkering and testing (加油安排);
    Purchasing of spares and supplies, logistics for spares and supplies (物料供應).
  • 租傭船業務服務
    Voyage estimating (航次費用);
    Chartering (船舶租傭);
    Pre/post fixture work, lay time /off hire calculation and statement (訂約履約);
    Ship accounting and budgetary control (財務預算);
    Performance monitoring and appraisal (績效評估).
  • 船舶修理服務 船舶技術服務:
    Daily operations / maintenance with shipboard management team (操作維修);
    Conduct inspections on vessel condition, compliance with procedures, safety, security, quality and environment (船舶檢查);
    Survey and inspection for sale and purchase (買賣檢驗);
    Certification (船舶證書);
    Maintenance, repair and preventive maintenance (保養修理);
    New building supervision (船舶監造);
    Dry-docking planning to accommodate vessel earning (進塢規劃);
    Liaise with authorities, inclusive class societies, flag state, port state and others (法規服務);
    Voyage planning (航路規劃);
    Accounting, budgeting and cost control (預算管控);
    Technical support (技術諮詢).
  • 船員管理服務:
    Crew planning, crew processing, database management (船員規劃)
    Crew recruitment (selection and engagement), including screening and processing of crew based on each client’s neerectangle.jpgds and goals (船員遴選);
    Crew accounting, payroll and allotments management (薪資管理);
    Crew changes, travel and visa (船員調動);
    Crew training to ensure that our crew develop in our organization and generate steadily more value for clients (訓練規劃);
    Certification control (證書管理);
    Evaluation, assessment and performance appraisal: present latest results on a set of agreed key performance indicators (能力評估);
    Insurance and compensation management (傷病理賠);
    Health, drug and alcohol policy (健康管理);
    Client service reports with information on the global manpower situation indicating supply and demand trends (市場分析).